The Ultimate Roundup of Skateboard Brands [2024] 🛹


Skateboarding isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, a form of self-expression, and a community that’s as vibrant as the graphics on the bottom of your deck. With so many brands out there, it can feel like navigating a halfpipe blindfolded. But fear not! We’ve got the inside scoop on the best skateboard brands that will make you the envy of the skate park in 2024.

Remember the first time you stepped on a board? The thrill, the fear, the wind in your hair? That’s the feeling we’re chasing every day. And it starts with the right gear. So, let’s dive in and find your perfect skate companion!

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Answer
  2. Quick Tips and Facts
  3. The Evolution of Skateboarding Brands
  4. Top 10 Skateboard Brands to Watch in 2024
  5. The Tech Behind the Trucks
  6. Wheels of Fortune: Choosing the Best
  7. Decked Out: A Guide to Skateboard Decks
  8. Accessorize Your Ride
  9. Skateboard Culture and Fashion
  10. FAQ
  11. Conclusion
  12. Recommended Links
  13. Reference Links

Quick Answer

In the world of skateboarding, the right brand can make all the difference. Whether you’re a street shredder or a ramp warrior, you need gear that can keep up with your passion. From the iconic imagery of Santa Cruz to the innovative designs of Element, there’s a brand out there that speaks to your style and needs. But if you’re looking for the crème de la crème, the ones that are truly grinding the edge of innovation, you’ll want to check out brands like Baker, Independent Truck Company, and Powell Peralta.

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Quick Tips and Facts

  • Skateboarding is not a crime! But seriously, always check your local regulations.
  • The average skateboard deck lasts for about two months of regular use. But if you’re Tony Hawk, maybe just a couple of hours? 🤔
  • Bearings are rated by the ABEC system, but don’t get too hung up on the numbers. Sometimes it’s more about the feel than the tech specs.
  • Skateboard wheels come in different hardness levels, measured in durometer. Street skaters usually go for harder wheels, while softer wheels are the choice for cruisers.

The Evolution of Skateboarding Brands

Skateboarding has come a long way since the first makeshift boards rolled out in the 1950s. Brands have evolved from simple woodshops to global enterprises. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how brands like Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz have shaped the industry.

Top 10 Skateboard Brands to Watch in 2024

  1. Baker Skateboards – For the rebels and the rule-breakers.
  2. Element Skateboards – Eco-conscious and innovative.
  3. Girl Skateboards – Sleek designs and a powerhouse team.
  4. Independent Truck Company – The gold standard in trucks.
  5. Powell Peralta – Legends never die; they just get better.
  6. Santa Cruz Skateboards – Iconic graphics, iconic rides.
  7. Alien Workshop – For those who dare to be different.
  8. 101 Boards – A new contender with old-school spirit.
  9. Zero Skateboards – Hardcore, through and through.
  10. Toy Machine – Quirky and distinctive, with performance to match.

The Tech Behind the Trucks

Let’s talk trucks. They’re the backbone of your skateboard, and the right set can make or break your ride. Independent Truck Company has been leading the pack, but don’t overlook newcomers that are pushing the boundaries.

Wheels of Fortune: Choosing the Best

Hard or soft? Big or small? The wheels you choose can transform your board from a street-slick speedster to a beachfront cruiser. We’ll break down the best options for every style.

Decked Out: A Guide to Skateboard Decks

The deck is where the magic happens. It’s your canvas, your stage, your battlefield. From the pop of a Baker board to the resilience of an Element, we’ll help you find your perfect match.

Accessorize Your Ride

Grip tape that grips just right. Bearings that spin like a dream. Helmets that look cool and keep your noggin safe. We’ve got the lowdown on the best accessories to personalize your ride.

Skateboard Culture and Fashion

Skateboarding isn’t just about the ride; it’s a whole vibe. We’ll talk about how brands like Toy Machine are not just selling boards, but a lifestyle.


What is the most expensive skateboard?

While we can’t pinpoint a single board as the priciest, limited editions and collaborations, like those from Supreme or rare vintage finds, can fetch a pretty penny.

How do I choose a good skateboard deck?

It’s all about the shape, size, and construction. Consider your height, shoe size, and skate style. And don’t forget the graphic! It’s gotta speak to you.

How to start a skate brand?

Got a dream and some wicked designs? Starting a skate brand takes passion, business savvy, and a deep understanding of the skate community. It’s a ride, but it’s worth it.


Choosing the right skateboard brand is like finding your best friend. It’s gotta be reliable, stylish, and ready for any adventure. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or on the lookout for the next big thing, the brands we’ve covered today are sure to deliver the quality and performance you crave.

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For more information on skateboard brands and to verify our claims, visit these reputable sources:

And remember, whether you’re hitting the streets or the ramps, the right brand can make all the difference. Keep shredding, and stay stoked! 🤙

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