🤯 Tony Hawk’s Skateboard Secret: 7 Things You Need to Know [2024]

Tony Hawk. The name alone conjures images of gravity-defying tricks and a legacy that continues to inspire. But what about the gear he uses? Just like a painter chooses their brushes, a chef their ingredients, Tony Hawk selects his tools meticulously. After all, you can’t land a 900 on just any skateboard, can you? This article breaks down the skateboard Tony Hawk personally rides, explores the differences between his personal setup and the Tony Hawk Signature Series, and tackles questions you might have about choosing your own board. Buckle up, it’s time to get technical! 😎

Quick Answer

Here’s a quick rundown of the essentials:

  • Tony Hawk primarily uses Birdhouse, Independent, Bones, and Spitfire parts for his personal setup.
  • Birdhouse Skateboards is Tony Hawk’s professional skateboard company, offering higher-quality boards and parts than the mass-produced Tony Hawk Signature Series.
  • Tony Hawk Signature Series is tailored for beginners, while Birdhouse targets a wider range of riders.
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Table of Contents

  1. Quick Tips and Facts
  2. Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding Legacy: From Legend to Brand
  3. What Skateboard Does Tony Hawk Use?
  4. Tony Hawk’s Personal Setup vs. A Tony Hawk Complete Setup
  5. Does Tony Hawk Make Skateboards? 🤔
  6. Is a Tony Hawk Skateboard Good for Beginners?
  7. How to Choose a Skateboard for Your Skill Level
  8. Key Factors for Choosing a Skateboard
  9. Top Skateboard Brands for Beginners and Pros
  10. Skateboarding Safety Tips
  11. Conclusion
  12. Recommended Links
  13. FAQ
  14. Reference Links

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Tony Hawk’s Signature Series is a line of skateboards designed for beginners, available in 180, 360, and 540 Series with increasing quality levels.
  • Birdhouse Skateboards is Tony Hawk’s professional skateboard company, offering higher-quality completes than the Signature Series.
  • Tony Hawk primarily uses Birdhouse, Independent, Bones, and Spitfire parts for his personal setup.
  • Avoid cheap, plastic skateboards: You’ll get more enjoyment out of a higher-quality option.

Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding Legacy: From Legend to Brand

Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend, a name synonymous with innovation, skill, and passion. 🤯 He’s been pushing boundaries since the 80s, inspiring generations of skaters with his mind-blowing tricks and entrepreneurial spirit. What’s more, he’s become a business giant, with his name gracing everything from video games to clothing. But what about the skateboards themselves? Does the legend’s name translate into the quality of the equipment? 🤔

What Skateboard Does Tony Hawk Use?

Tony Hawk’s personal setup usually consists of:

  • Deck: Birdhouse Tony Hawk 8.5″
  • Trucks: Independent
  • Bushings: Bones Hard
  • Wheels: Bones SPF 60mm
  • Bearings: Bones Swiss


Tony Hawk’s Personal Setup vs. A Tony Hawk Complete Setup

You might be wondering, “What’s the difference between the skateboard Tony Hawk rides and what I can buy at the store?” Well, there’s a difference in quality and price. Tony Hawk’s personal setup features high-end components, designed for pro-level performance and durability.

In contrast, Tony Hawk Signature Series skateboards are mass-produced and are aimed at beginners and recreational riders.

Let’s break down the comparison:

Feature Tony Hawk’s Personal Setup Tony Hawk Signature Series
Deck Birdhouse Tony Hawk 8.5″ 7-ply maple (180 Series)
Trucks Independent Metal (180 Series)
Bushings Bones Hard Soft (180 Series)
Wheels Bones SPF 60mm Soft polyurethane (95A) (180 Series)
Bearings Bones Swiss Slow (180 Series)
Target Skill Level Pro Beginner
Price Higher Lower
Durability High Moderate

It’s important to note that the 180 Series is a budget-friendly option, but you might need to upgrade components as you improve your skills. The 360 Series, on the other hand, offers more durable and upgraded components.

The 540 Series represents the highest quality in the Signature Series, designed for intermediate riders. For seasoned skaters seeking a high-performing board, opting for a complete setup with brand name components is recommended.

Does Tony Hawk Make Skateboards? 🤔

Tony Hawk himself doesn’t actually make skateboards! He licenses his name to a company that produces the Signature Series, but he doesn’t have complete control over the manufacturing or design.

However, Tony Hawk is heavily involved with Birdhouse Skateboards, a company he co-owns with Per Welinder, another skateboarding legend. Birdhouse produces high-quality skateboards for all skill levels, known for their performance, design, and craftsmanship.

Here’s a fun fact: Birdhouse boards are manufactured through Generator/BBS woodshop, a trusted name in the skateboard industry.

Is a Tony Hawk Skateboard Good for Beginners?

Yes! A Tony Hawk Signature Series skateboard can be a great starting point for beginners. It’s affordable and provides a solid foundation to learn basic techniques.

However, you might need to upgrade components as you progress, especially if you’re planning on venturing beyond basic skateboarding. This is why we always encourage spending a little bit extra for better quality from the start. The difference will be felt in how the board feels and responds, and how long it lasts!

How to Choose a Skateboard for Your Skill Level

Choosing the right skateboard for your skill level is critical to enjoying the ride and making progress. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Beginners: Opt for a complete setup with lower-priced components that are still reliable and durable. The Tony Hawk Signature Series 180 is a solid choice or consider a Birdhouse Beginner complete setup.
  • Intermediate Riders: Look for a complete setup with higher-quality components like harder wheels and faster bearings. The Tony Hawk Signature Series 360 or 540 are good options, or you might want to consider a Birdhouse Complete Premium.
  • Advanced Riders: Build your own custom setup using high-quality parts, or purchase a complete setup from a reputable brand like Birdhouse or Santa Cruz.

Key Factors for Choosing a Skateboard

  • Deck: The shape and size of the deck matter. Consider wheelbase (distance between trucks), width (how wide the deck is), and concave (how much the deck curves).
  • Trucks: Trucks affect how the skateboard turns and feels. Look for quality trucks that are durable and smooth.
  • Wheels: Wheel size and hardness impact speed, ride smoothness, and grip. Larger wheels generally ride faster and smoother than smaller wheels, while harder wheels offer more grip.
  • Bearings: Bearings make your wheels spin faster. Higher-quality bearings are smoother and more durable, allowing you to ride more efficiently and for longer periods.

Top Skateboard Brands for Beginners and Pros

Birdhouse is a great brand for beginners and professionals alike, known for quality, performance, and design.

Other great brands for beginners include:

  • Powell Peralta: Offers a variety of complete setups and parts at different price points.
  • Element Skateboards: Known for their durable boards and eye-catching graphics.
  • Santa Cruz Skateboards: A classic brand offering iconic skateboards and parts.

For advanced riders, these brands stand out:

  • Independent: Known for their high-quality trucks.
  • Bones: Trusted for their bearings, wheels, and hardware.
  • Spitfire: Famous for their wheels, offering a wide range of hardnesses and sizes.

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Skateboarding Safety Tips

  • Wear safety gear: Helmets, pads, and wrist guards are essential.
  • Start slow and practice: Master basic skills before attempting more advanced ones.
  • Choose a safe environment: Avoid skateboarding on busy streets, in parking lots, or near dangerous obstacles.
  • Respect the space: Be mindful of other people and stay away from pedestrians.
  • Warm up: Stretching and warming up your muscles before skateboarding will help prevent injuries.

Remember: It’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and to listen to your body. If you’re unsure about something or feeling pain, don’t hesitate to ask an experienced skater or a professional for help or advice.


Tony Hawk’s legacy extends beyond the realm of skateboarding, inspiring generations with his incredible skills, business ventures, and philanthropic efforts.

While Tony Hawk himself doesn’t manufacture his own skateboards, it’s clear his influence extends to the quality and performance of the Tony Hawk Signature Series, offering a perfect starting point for beginners. Birdhouse Skateboards, however, represents the culmination of Hawk’s experience, providing high-quality boards that cater to all skill levels.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s a Tony Hawk-associated skateboard out there for you. Whether you choose Birdhouse for performance and craftsmanship or Tony Hawk Signature Series for affordability, you’re getting quality and proven design.


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Why can’t Tony Hawk skateboard anymore?

Tony Hawk is still skateboarding! He’s actually still pushing boundaries at age 55! 🎉 He might not compete as much as he used to, but he’s still landing impressive tricks and inspiring countless riders across the globe.

Where did Tony Hawk get his first skateboard?

Tony Hawk got his first skateboard at age 9 from his dad! 👨‍👦 This was a pivotal moment in his life, setting him on a path to become a skateboarding legend.

Is Tony Hawk pro skater goofy or regular?

Tony Hawk skates regular! This means his left foot is forward when he pushes. Goofy footers have their right foot forward. It’s interesting to see how even a skateboarding legend adheres to a specific stance!

What skateboard trick did Tony Hawk invent?

Tony Hawk didn’t invent a specific trick, but he was the first skater to successfully land a 900, a mind-blowing feat that revolutionized vert skating and cemented his place as a true pioneer. 🤯

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