What Skateboard Did Tony Hawk Use? [2023]

If you’re even just slightly interested in skateboarding, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Tony Hawk – the legend who revolutionized skateboarding. If you’re a beginner skateboarder, you might be wondering what kind of skateboard did Tony Hawk use, or if he still uses a skateboard. Well, our team of expert skateboarders at Skateboard Brands™ is here to give you all the juicy details.

What Skateboard Does Tony Hawk Ride?

Let’s start with the most popular question that people search for: what skateboard did Tony Hawk use? Tony Hawk initially rode a Powell-Peralta board, also known as the “Tony Hawk Claw”. He rode this skateboard for many of his famous tricks early on in his career. However, as a professional skateboarder, Tony has switched boards and brands over the years. He has also had a personal skateboard line with Powell-Peralta, Birdhouse, and his own company, Tony Hawk Skateboards. As of now, Tony Hawk rides a Tony Hawk branded skateboard deck, which is a part of his own skateboard line.

The current skateboard deck that Tony Hawk rides is 8.5 inches wide. He has preferred the shape of this deck for many years, as he has stated in a recent interview.

Does Tony Hawk Still Ride Skateboards?

Yes! Tony Hawk does still ride skateboards – and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the legend himself. He is often seen skating and promoting skateboarding through his social media accounts. Although he doesn’t skate as frequently as he used to, it’s still inspiring to see him doing what he loves.

How Many Skateboards Does Tony Hawk Have?

We cannot say for sure how many skateboards Tony Hawk has, but we can only imagine that he has a plethora of them. Not only does he have his own skateboard line with numerous designs, but he has also ridden for multiple skateboard companies throughout his career. Plus, who wouldn’t want to collect skateboards if they were a professional skateboarder?

What Trucks Does Tony Hawk Ride?

The trucks that Tony Hawk rides on his skateboard are Independent Trucks. These trucks are a favorite among skateboarders because of their durability and stability. Tony has had a long-standing relationship with Independent Trucks, and they even made a signature truck for him in the past.

Why Did Tony Hawk Do His Last Trick?

One of the most iconic moments in skateboarding history was when Tony Hawk landed the 900 trick at the X Games in 1999. But why did he do it? According to Tony, he had been wanting to land the 900 for years, but was always afraid of getting hurt. He finally decided to attempt it after his teammate and friend, Bucky Lasek, encouraged him to do it. Tony landed the trick after multiple attempts, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why Is Tony Hawk Putting Blood in Skateboards?

Tony Hawk has teamed up with Liquid Death Mountain Water to create a limited edition skateboard deck that has his own blood mixed into the paint. Yes, you read that right – his own blood. In an interview, Tony stated that he wanted to give back to the skateboarding community and thought this would be an interesting way to do so. Although some may find it strange or unsettling, the skateboard community has shown great support for the collaboration.

What is a 900 Skateboarding Trick?

The 900 is a skateboarding trick that involves the rider spinning 900 degrees (2.5 rotations) while in mid-air on a skateboard. It was first landed by Tony Hawk in 1999, as mentioned earlier. This trick had never been done before, and it was a huge milestone for skateboarding.

Who Created the Ollie?

Who Created the Ollie? , What kind of skateboard did Tony Hawk use?

The ollie is a fundamental trick in skateboarding, and it was created by Alan Gelfand, also known as “Ollie”.

What is Tony Hawk’s Board Size?

Tony Hawk’s board size is 8.5 inches wide, as stated earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Good Was Tony Hawk at Skateboarding?

Tony Hawk is considered one of the greatest skateboarders of all time. He has won numerous skateboarding competitions, created his own skateboard line, and has been instrumental in shaping modern skateboarding. His name has become synonymous with skateboarding itself.

Does Tony Hawk Have His Own Skateboard Company?

Yes, Tony Hawk has his own skateboard company called Tony Hawk Skateboards.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Tony Hawk has been skating since he was 9 years old
  • He has his own skatepark called “Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding Foundation”
  • Tony Hawk has won 16 X Games medals
  • The Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game franchise is named after him and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide

To Recap

Tony Hawk has ridden numerous skateboards throughout his career, but currently rides his own Tony Hawk branded skateboard deck. He still actively rides skateboards and promotes skateboarding through social media. He rides Independent Trucks and is known for landing the historic 900 trick. Tony Hawk also has his own skateboard company and has made multiple contributions to the skateboarding community. We hope this article answered all of your questions about Tony Hawk’s skateboarding gear and his contributions to the skateboarding world.

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